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Michael L Doherty
AnaBelen Garcia
Luke O'Grady
Martin J Green
Simon J More
Paul Whyte
Conor G McAloon
Luke O’Grady


Agriculture & Food Science

milk production detection milk yield meta analysis adverse effects paratuberculosis johne s disease systematic review milk analysis

The effect of paratuberculosis on milk yield-A systematic review and meta-analysis. (2015)

Abstract Bovine paratuberculosis is a disease characterized by chronic granulomatous enteritis causing protein-losing enteropathy. Adverse effects on animal productivity are key drivers in the attempt to control paratuberculosis at the farm level. Economic models require an accurate estimation of the production effects associated with paratuberculosis. The aim of this study was to conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis to investigate the effect of paratuberculosis on milk production. A total of 20 effect estimates from 15 studies were included in the final meta-analysis. Substantial between-study heterogeneity was observed. Subgroup analysis by case definition and study design was carried out to investigate heterogeneity. The majority of between-study variation was attributed to studies that defined cases on serology. Calculation of a pooled effect estimate was only appropriate for studies that defined cases by organism detection. A reduction in milk yield, corrected for lactation number and herd of origin of 1.87 kg/d, equivalent to 5.9% of yield, was associated with fecal culture or PCR positivity in individual cows.
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Michael L Doherty, AnaBelen Garcia, Luke O'Grady, Martin J Green, Simon J More, Paul Whyte, Conor G McAloon, Luke O’Grady

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