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Aidan R McDonald
Michelle Cotter
Isabel Abánades Lázaro
Andrew D Ure



ligand electronic properties synthesis ligands transition metal complexes x ray crystal structures metal coordination characterisation

Synthesis and characterisation of a mesocyclic tripodal triamine ligand. (2015)

Abstract Meso- and macrocyclic polydentate amine ligands have been widely explored in oxidation catalysis and for the stabilization of unstable metal-superoxide, -peroxide, and -oxo intermediates. Herein we report on the design and synthesis of a novel mesocyclic, tripodal, triamine ligand that we believe will be an excellent addition to this field. We explored a number of synthetic procedures towards the mesocyclic asymmetric tetraalkylated ligand . We expect that will bind metals in a facially capping manner, yielding complexes that display pseudo-tetrahedral geometry, potentially providing access to unprecedented late transition metal-oxo complexes (metal = Co, Ni, Cu). We describe the preparation of a library of mesocyclic polyamine synthons (, , , , ) that are precursors in the synthesis of . These synthons will be used to tailor the electronic properties of metal complexes of and derivatives thereof. The X-ray crystal structures of and mono- and di-protonated forms of show that the triamine crystalises in a boat-chair conformation which is undesirable for metal coordination. However, solution (1)H NMR studies show that in solution both and the tetraalkylated derivative are remarkably flexible. reacted with [Cu(I)(NCCH3)4](OTf) yielding a 1 : 1 copper(i) complex [Cu(I)(NCCH3)()](+).
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Aidan R McDonald, Michelle Cotter, Isabel Abánades Lázaro, Andrew D Ure

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