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P K A Wai
Hwa Yaw Tam
Chao Lu
Gerald Farrell
Chongxiu Yu
Guiyao Zhou
Kangping Zhong
Xian Zhou
Feng Li
Binbin Yan
and 6 others



real time systems signal processing optical communication signal to noise ratio phase modulation mach zehnder interferometer cross slot optical modulation

On-chip integratable all-optical quantizer using strong cross-phase modulation in a silicon-organic hybrid slot waveguide. (2015)

Abstract High performance all-optical quantizer based on silicon waveguide is believed to have significant applications in photonic integratable optical communication links, optical interconnection networks, and real-time signal processing systems. In this paper, we propose an integratable all-optical quantizer for on-chip and low power consumption all-optical analog-to-digital converters. The quantization is realized by the strong cross-phase modulation and interference in a silicon-organic hybrid (SOH) slot waveguide based Mach-Zehnder interferometer. By carefully designing the dimension of the SOH waveguide, large nonlinear coefficients up to 16,000 and 18,069 W(-1)/m for the pump and probe signals can be obtained respectively, along with a low pulse walk-off parameter of 66.7 fs/mm, and all-normal dispersion in the wavelength regime considered. Simulation results show that the phase shift of the probe signal can reach 8π at a low pump pulse peak power of 206 mW and propagation length of 5 mm such that a 4-bit all-optical quantizer can be realized. The corresponding signal-to-noise ratio is 23.42 dB and effective number of bit is 3.89-bit.
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P K A Wai, Hwa Yaw Tam, Chao Lu, Gerald Farrell, Chongxiu Yu, Guiyao Zhou, Kangping Zhong, Xian Zhou, Feng Li, Binbin Yan and 6 others

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