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Colm O'Dwyer
Vladimir Lavayen
María Luisa Valenzuela
Carlos Díaz



infrared spectroscopy graphitic carbon liquid metal x ray diffraction high rate high resolution metal pyrophosphates raman spectroscopy

Layered graphitic carbon host formation during liquid-free solid state growth of metal pyrophosphates (2012)

Abstract We report a successful ligand- and liquid-free solid state route to form metal pyrophosphates within a layered graphitic carbon matrix through a single step approach involving pyrolysis of previously synthesized organometallic derivatives of a cyclotriphosphazene. In this case, we show how single crystal Mn2P2O7 can be formed on either the micro- or the nanoscale in the complete absence of solvents or solutions by an efficient combustion process using rationally designed macromolecular trimer precursors, and present evidence and a mechanism for layered graphite host formation. Using in situ Raman spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, high resolution electron microscopy, thermogravimetric and differential scanning calorimetric analysis, and near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure examination, we monitor the formation process of a layered, graphitic carbon in the matrix. The identification of thermally and electrically conductive graphitic carbon host formation is important for the further development of this general ligand-free synthetic approach for inorganic nanocrystal growth in the solid state, and can be extended to form a range of transition metals pyrophosphates. For important energy storage applications, the method gives the ability to form oxide and (pyro)phosphates within a conductive, intercalation possible, graphitic carbon as host–guest composites directly on substrates for high rate Li-ion battery and emerging alternative positive electrode materials
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Colm O'Dwyer, Vladimir Lavayen, María Luisa Valenzuela, Carlos Díaz

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