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Colm O'Dwyer
Vladimir Lavayen
Carlos Díaz



nanostructures thin films intercalation metal oxides organometallic synthesis battery materials x ray diffraction pyrolysis

Single-crystal micro/nanostructures and thin films of lamellar molybdenum oxide by solid-state pyrolysis of organometallic derivatives of a cyclotriphosphazene (2010)

Abstract The solid-state pyrolysis of organometallic derivatives of a cyclotriphosphazene is demonstrated to be a new, simple and versatile solid-state templating method for obtaining single-crystal micro- and nanocrystals of transition and valve metal oxides. The technique, when applied to Mo-containing organometallics N3P3[OC6H4CH2CN·Mo(CO)5]6 and N3P3[OC6H4CH2CN·Mo(CO)4 py]6, results in stand-alone and surface-deposited lamellar MoO3 single crystals, as determined by electron and atomic force microscopies and X-ray diffraction. The size and morphology of the resulting crystals can be tuned by the composition of the precursor. X-ray photoelectron and infrared spectroscopies indicate that the deposition of highly lamellar MoO3 directly on an oxidized (400 nm SiO2) surface or (100) single-crystal silicon surfaces yields a layered uniphasic single-crystal film formed by cluster diffusion on the surface during pyrolysis of the metal-carbonyl derivatives. For MoO3 in its layered form, this provides a new route to an important intercalation material for high energy density battery materials.
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Colm O'Dwyer, Vladimir Lavayen, Carlos Díaz

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