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T. Seideman
M. Sukharev
Colm O'Dwyer
H. J. Lezec
J. Weiner
O. Alloschery
G. Gay



finite difference method surface waves transmission electron microscopy time domain analysis surface structure silver maxwell s equations interferometry

Surface quality and surface waves on subwavelength-structured silver films (2007)

Abstract We analyze the physical-chemical surface properties of single-slit, single-groove subwavelength-structured silver films with high-resolution transmission electron microscopy and calculate exact solutions to Maxwell’s equations corresponding to recent far-field interferometry experiments using these structures. Contrary to a recent suggestion the surface analysis shows that the silver films are free of detectable contaminants. The finite-difference time-domain calculations, in excellent agreement with experiment, show a rapid fringe amplitude decrease in the near zone (slit-groove distance out to 3–4 wavelengths). Extrapolation to slit-groove distances beyond the near zone shows that the surface wave evolves to the expected bound surface plasmon polariton (SPP). Fourier analysis of these results indicates the presence of a distribution of transient, evanescent modes around the SPP that dephase and dissipate as the surface wave evolves from the near to the far zone.
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T. Seideman, M. Sukharev, Colm O'Dwyer, H. J. Lezec, J. Weiner, O. Alloschery, G. Gay

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