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Simon B. Newcomb
M. Serantoni
David Sutton
V. J. Cunnane
D. Noel Buckley
Colm O'Dwyer



transmission electron microscopy porous inp layers surface layer formation porosity holes inp substrates aqueous koh

Formation and characterization of porous InP layers in KOH Solutions (2002)

Abstract Porous InP layers were formed electrochemically on (100) oriented n-InP substrates in various concentrations of aqueous KOH under dark conditions. In KOH concentrations from 2 mol dm-3 to 5 mol dm-3, a porous layer is obtained underneath a dense near-surface layer. The pores within the porous layer appear to propagate from holes through the near-surface layer. Transmission electron microscopy studies of the porous layers formed under both potentiodynamic and potentiostatic conditions show that both the thickness of the porous layer and the mean pore diameter decrease with increasing KOH concentration. The degree of porosity, estimated to be 65%, was found to remain relatively constant for all the porous layers studied.
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Simon B. Newcomb, M. Serantoni, David Sutton, V. J. Cunnane, D. Noel Buckley, Colm O'Dwyer

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