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Simon B. Newcomb
David Sutton
V. J. Cunnane
D. Noel Buckley
E. Harvey
T. Melly
Colm O'Dwyer



n inp behavior electrodes observation thick film transmission electron microscopy koh electrolyte porous film

Comparison of oscillatory behavior on InP electrodes in KOH solutions (2002)

Abstract The observation of current oscillations under potential sweep conditions when an n-InP electrode is anodized in a KOH electrolyte is reported and compared to the oscillatory behavior noted during anodization in an (NH4)2S electrolyte. In both cases oscillations are observed above 1.7 V (SCE). The charge per cycle was found to increase linearly with potential for the InP/KOH system but was observed to be independent of potential for the InP/(NH4)2S system. The period of the oscillations in the InP/KOH was found to increase with applied potential. In this case the oscillations are asymmetrical and the rising and falling segments have a different dependence on potential. Although the exact mechanism is not yet know for either system, transmission electron microscopy studies show that in both cases, the electrode is covered by a thick porous film in the oscillatory region.
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Simon B. Newcomb, David Sutton, V. J. Cunnane, D. Noel Buckley, E. Harvey, T. Melly, Colm O'Dwyer

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