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Simon B. Newcomb
David Sutton
V. J. Cunnane
D. Noel Buckley
T. Melly
Colm O'Dwyer
E. Harvey



process formation porous inp koh electrolytes films focused ion beam x ray diffraction anodic formation surface

Growth and characterization of anodic Films on InP in KOH and (NH4)2S (2001)

Abstract The current-voltage characteristics of InP were investigated in (NH4)2S and KOH electrolytes. In both solutions, the observation of current peaks in the cyclic voltammetric curves was attributed to the growth of passivating films. The relationship between the peak currents and the scan rates suggests that the film formation process is diffusion controlled in both cases. The film thickness required to inhibit current flow was found to be much lower on samples anodized in the sulphide solution. Focused ion beam (FIB) secondary electron images of the surface films show that film cracking of the type reported previously for films grown in (NH4)2S is also observed for films grown in KOH. X-ray and electron diffraction measurements indicate the presence of In2O3 and InPO4 in films grown in KOH and In2S3 in films grown in (NH4)2S.
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Simon B. Newcomb, David Sutton, V. J. Cunnane, D. Noel Buckley, T. Melly, Colm O'Dwyer, E. Harvey

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