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Sally-Ann Cryan
Neeraj Sivadas
Sunday A Shoyele



administration inhalation trehalose proteins powders particle size inhalation excipients aerosols pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences drug stability freeze drying hormone replacement therapy circular dichroism humans parathyroid hormone administration peptides

The effects of excipients and particle engineering on the biophysical stability and aerosol performance of parathyroid hormone (1-34) prepared as a dry powder for inhalation. (2011)

Abstract Pulmonary delivery of therapeutic peptides and proteins has many advantages including high relative bioavailability, rapid systemic absorption and onset of action and a non-invasive mode of administration which improves patient compliance. In this study, we investigated the effect of spray-drying (SD) and spray freeze-drying processes on the stability and aerosol performance of parathyroid hormone (PTH) (1-34) microparticles. In this study, the stabilisation effect of trehalose (a non-reducing sugar) and Brij 97 (a non-ionic surfactant) on spray-dried PTH particles was assessed using analytical techniques including circular dichroism (CD), fluorescence spectroscopy, modulated differential scanning calorimetry and an in vitro bioactivity assay. Physical characterisation also included electron microscopy, tap density measurement and laser light diffraction. The aerosol aerodynamic performance of the formulations was assessed using the Andersen cascade impactor. Based on these studies, a formulation for spray freeze-drying was selected and the effects of the two particle engineering techniques on the biophysical stability and aerosol performance of the resulting powders was determined. CD, fluorescence spectroscopy and bioactivity data suggest that trehalose when used alone as a stabilising excipient produces a superior stabilising effect than when used in combination with a non-ionic surfactant. This highlights the utility of CD and fluorescence spectroscopy studies for the prediction of protein bioactivity post-processing. Therefore, a method and formulation suitable for the preparation of PTH as a dry powder was developed based on spray-drying PTH with trehalose as a stabiliser with the bioactivity of SD PTH containing trehalose being equivalent to that of unprocessed PTH.
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Sally-Ann Cryan, Neeraj Sivadas, Sunday A Shoyele

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