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Julian K-C. Ma
John C. Gray
Philip J. Dix
Ralph Bock
Matthew McCabe
Fei Zhou
Edward G. McGowan
Nuria Gonzalez-Rabade



administration oral fusion escherichia coli hiv 1 chloroplast mice cholera toxin 1 protein

Immunogenicity of chloroplast-derived HIV-1 p24 and a p24-Nef fusion protein following subcutaneous and oral administration in mice (2011)

Abstract High-level expression of foreign proteins in chloroplasts of transplastomic plants provides excellent opportunities for the development of oral vaccines against a range of debilitating or fatal diseases. The HIV-1 capsid protein p24 and a fusion of p24 with the negative regulatory protein Nef (p24-Nef) accumulate to ∼4% and ∼40% of the total soluble protein of leaves of transplastomic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) plants. This study has investigated the immunogenicity in mice of these two HIV-1 proteins, using cholera toxin B subunit as an adjuvant. Subcutaneous immunization with purified chloroplast-derived p24 elicited a strong antigen-specific serum IgG response, comparable to that produced by Escherichia coli-derived p24. Oral administration of a partially purified preparation of chloroplast-derived p24-Nef fusion protein, used as a booster after subcutaneous injection with either p24 or Nef, also elicited strong antigen-specific serum IgG responses. Both IgG1 and IgG2a subtypes, associated with cell-mediated Th1 and humoral Th2 responses, respectively, were found in sera after subcutaneous and oral administration. These results indicate that chloroplast-derived HIV-1 p24-Nef is a promising candidate as a component of a subunit vaccine delivered by oral boosting, after subcutaneous priming by injection of p24 and/or Nef.
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Julian K-C. Ma, John C. Gray, Philip J. Dix, Ralph Bock, Matthew McCabe, Fei Zhou, Edward G. McGowan, Nuria Gonzalez-Rabade

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