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Mark J. Scott
Mick Lennon



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Contending Expertise: An Interpretive Approach to (Re)conceiving Wind Power's 'Planning Problem' (2015)

Abstract We explore the complex and multidimensional nature of wind power's 'planning problem' by investigating the ways different knowledges and knowledge holders seek to accumulate authority over the 'facts' of a situation. This is undertaken through an interpretive analysis of how different parties to contentious wind farm debates in Ireland strived to mobilize contending realities wherein they were advantageously positioned as credible sources of knowledge. We advance a novel approach grounded in rhetorical theory that reveals and explains how the different parties to these debates deployed nuanced discursive strategies that constituted their character (ethos) by skilfully interlacing implicit and explicit portrayals of scientific objectivity (logos) with emotive subjectivity (pathos). In doing so, we identify the important role played by 'rescaling' in privileging and marginalizing different perspectives within both the contending discourses and the formal processes of planning application assessment. We draw conclusions from this analysis regarding broader debates in environmental governance and suggest how wind power's 'planning problem' should be reconceived.
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