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Noel E. O'Connor
Remi Trichet


Computer Science

computer vision feature detection image processing experimental edge low cost state of the art computer applications

TREAT: Terse Rapid Edge-Anchored Tracklets (2016)

Abstract Fast computation, efficient memory storage, and performance on par with standard state-of-the-art descriptors make binary descriptors a convenient tool for many computer vision applications. However their development is mostly tailored for static images. To respond to this limitation, we introduce TREAT (Terse Rapid Edge-Anchored Tracklets), a new binary detector and descriptor, based on tracklets. It harnesses moving edge maps to perform efficient feature detection, tracking, and description at low computational cost. Experimental results on 3 different public datasets demonstrate improved performance over other popular binary features. These experiments also provide a basis for benchmarking the performance of binary descriptors in video-based applications.
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