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Developing software and systems engineering standards (2015)

Abstract There are a great many Software and Systems Engineering standards such as those supported by organizations like the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). It is often said that many of these have a poor reputation with many sections of academia and industry. Whilst there may be many publicized business advantages of using standards, standardization is an often-neglected route for exploiting academic and commercial research. Often researchers have little experience of standardization to plan, implement and exploit their research utilizing standards. Involvement with standards development organizations in your research can positively increase international recognition and highlight in a world stage your research and enhance your international reputation. This keynote address examined the benefits of being directly involved in the standards community for both industry and academia and specifically how standards can inform your research. Based upon personal experience as Ireland Head of Delegation to ISO's Software and Systems Engineering group and that of being an ISO standards editor, this keynote will examine the issues and benefits of becoming actively involved inside the standardization community and how this can be translated into your personal research agenda.
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