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Dag Johansen
Sorin Vasile Sav
Tjave Aarflot
Cathal Gurrin


Computer Science

large scale lifelog managing information retrieval multimedia challenge information storage and retrieval systems access information

Addressing the challenge of managing large-scale digital multimedia libraries (2009)

Abstract Traditional Digital Libraries require human editorial control over the lifecycles of digital objects contained therein. This imposes an inherent (human) overhead on the maintenance of these digital libraries, which becomes unwieldy once the number of important information units in the digital library becomes too large. A revised framework is needed for digital libraries that takes the onus off the editor and allows the digital library to directly control digital object lifecycles, by employing a set of transformation rules that operate directly on the digital objects themselves. In this paper we motivate and describe a revised digital library framework that utilises transformation rules to automatically optimise system resources. We evaluate this library in three scenarios and also outline how we could apply concepts from this revised framework to address other challenges for digital libraries and digital information access in general.
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Dag Johansen, Sorin Vasile Sav, Tjave Aarflot, Cathal Gurrin

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