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Jean McBryan
Richard W Costello
Brian J Harvey
Catherine Mooney
Olive McCabe
Senan Glynn
Zeshan Siddiqui
Gerald J Gleich
Patmapriya Ramasamy
Richard O'Kennedy
and 4 others



extracellular signal regulated map kinases signal transduction eosinophil granule proteins erbb 2 antigens focal adhesion kinase 1 rna clustering cell line small interfering eosinophil perioxidase receptor erk1 2 peripheral blood leukocytes eosinophil peroxidase humans cells mucin 4 cd29 monoclonal antibody recombinant proteins

Eosinophil peroxidase activates cells by HER2 receptor engagement and β1-integrin clustering with downstream MAPK cell signaling. (2016)

Abstract Eosinophils account for 1-3% of peripheral blood leukocytes and accumulate at sites of allergic inflammation, where they play a pathogenic role. Studies have shown that treatment with mepolizumab (an anti-IL-5 monoclonal antibody) is beneficial to patients with severe eosinophilic asthma, however, the mechanism of precisely how eosinophils mediate these pathogenic effects is uncertain. Eosinophils contain several cationic granule proteins, including Eosinophil Peroxidase (EPO). The main significance of this work is the discovery of EPO as a novel ligand for the HER2 receptor. Following HER2 activation, EPO induces activation of FAK and subsequent activation of β1-integrin, via inside-out signaling. This complex results in downstream activation of ERK1/2 and a sustained up regulation of both MUC4 and the HER2 receptor. These data identify a receptor for one of the eosinophil granule proteins and demonstrate a potential explanation of the proliferative effects of eosinophils.
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Jean McBryan, Richard W Costello, Brian J Harvey, Catherine Mooney, Olive McCabe, Senan Glynn, Zeshan Siddiqui, Gerald J Gleich, Patmapriya Ramasamy, Richard O'Kennedy and 4 others

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