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Richard J O'Kennedy
Hannah Byrne
Shikha Sharma


Medicine & Nursing

sensitivity and specificity biological agents illicit drugs this review public health high sensitivity environmental contaminants point of care

Antibodies and antibody-derived analytical biosensors. (2016)

Abstract The rapid diagnosis of many diseases and timely initiation of appropriate treatment are critical determinants that promote optimal clinical outcomes and general public health. Biosensors are now being applied for rapid diagnostics due to their capacity for point-of-care use with minimum need for operator input. Antibody-based biosensors or immunosensors have revolutionized diagnostics for the detection of a plethora of analytes such as disease markers, food and environmental contaminants, biological warfare agents and illicit drugs. Antibodies are ideal biorecognition elements that provide sensors with high specificity and sensitivity. This review describes monoclonal and recombinant antibodies and different immobilization approaches crucial for antibody utilization in biosensors. Examples of applications of a variety of antibody-based sensor formats are also described.
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Richard J O'Kennedy, Hannah Byrne, Shikha Sharma

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