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Sudha Srivastava
Richard O'Kennedy
Ragini Raghav
Shikha Sharma


Medicine & Nursing

evolution point of care immunoassays this review detection cancer diagnosis immunosensors ovarian cancer

Advances in ovarian cancer diagnosis: A journey from immunoassays to immunosensors. (2016)

Abstract This review focuses on the technological advancements, challenges and trends in immunoassay technologies for ovarian cancer diagnosis. Emphasis is placed on the principles of the technologies, their merits and limitations and on the evolution from laboratory-based methods to point-of-care devices. While the current market is predominantly associated with clinical immunoassay kits, over the last decade a major thrust in development of immunosensors is evident due to their potential in point-of-care devices. Technological advancements in immunosensors, extending from labeled to label-free detection, with and without mediators, for enhancing proficiencies and reliability have been dealt with in detail. Aspects of the utilisation of nanomaterials and immobilization strategies for enhancing sensitivity and altering the detection range have also been addressed. Finally, we have discussed some distinct characteristics and limitations associated with the recently commericalised technologies used for quantitation of relevant ovarian cancer markers.
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Sudha Srivastava, Richard O'Kennedy, Ragini Raghav, Shikha Sharma

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