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Resilience: synthesis of concept analyses and contribution to nursing classifications. (2016)

Abstract To synthetize elements of research on concept analyses of resilience; and to propose a definition of resilience to NANDA International (NANDA-I) and International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP(®) ). Nursing classifications represent nursing knowledge that is clinically relevant and in continuous development. Nursing is considered holistic and there is always the need to consider human responses to health and life processes. Continuously there are new and emerging concepts concerning humans and health that should be considered within the organization and delivery of health care as resilience. In March 2015, the authors performed a synthesis of the findings of research concept analysis research derived from a systematic literature search of electronic databases (PsycINFO, CINAHL and PubMed). Search terms used in the title were: 'resilience' AND 'analysis' AND 'concept'. Papers written in Portuguese or English were included. A total of 27 papers were identified and eight papers were included. Of these, seven papers used Walker & Avant's () model and one used Rodger's () model. Resilience emerged as a fundamental concept across the lifespan that is closely related to health and well-being. Resilience is a phenomenon of interest for nurses. Similar attributes, antecedents, consequents and definitions were synthesized into a new proposal of a definition of resilience. While some diagnoses related to resilience are classified in NANDA-I, the concept is not included in ICNP(®) . The inclusion of the concept into ICNP(®) and the update in NANDA-I is a contribution for nursing knowledge through education and for clinical practice, as this could promote the effectiveness of interventions in several contexts.
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