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Hongzhou Zhang
Yuefei Zhang
Zhengguang Yan
Yonghe Li
Wolfgang Schmitt
Robert O'Connell
Pierce Maguire
Junfeng Zhou
Yanhui Chen



reaction time behaviour oxidation dopants core shell nanostructures capacitance transition metal

Enhancing capacitance behaviour of CoOOH nanostructures using transition metal dopants by ambient oxidation. (2015)

Abstract Cobalt hydrate and doped binary Co0.9M0.1OOH (M = Ni, Mn, Fe) nanorings of 100-300 nm were fabricated in solution through a facile ambient oxidation method. A transformation from Co0.9Ni0.1(OH)2 nanodiscs to hollow Co0.9Ni0.1OOH nanorings was observed with prolonged reaction time. Core-shell nanodiscs have elemental segregation with a Co(OH)2 core and Ni(OH)2 shell. Co0.9Ni0.1OOH nanorings displayed a higher electrochemical capacitance than Mn and Fe doped nanorings materials or materials with disc-like geometries.
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Hongzhou Zhang, Yuefei Zhang, Zhengguang Yan, Yonghe Li, Wolfgang Schmitt, Robert O'Connell, Pierce Maguire, Junfeng Zhou, Yanhui Chen

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