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P Brangan
U Fogarty
B Flaherty
P Lenihan
D P Leadon
J F Larkin
D C Bailey
I Aznar
S J More



time factors isolation purification transmission female immunology infectious anemia virus equine cluster analysis equine infectious anemia diagnosis animals diagnosis differential antibodies viral veterinary male blood horses disease outbreaks reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction enzyme linked immunosorbent assay epidemiology ireland

An outbreak of equine infectious anaemia in Ireland during 2006: investigation methodology, initial source of infection, diagnosis and clinical presentation, modes of transmission and spread in the Meath cluster. (2008)

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P Brangan, U Fogarty, B Flaherty, P Lenihan, D P Leadon, J F Larkin, D C Bailey, I Aznar, S J More

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