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Joseph P. Kerry
Ruth M. Hamill
Maurice G. O'Sullivan
Paula M. Conroy



meat avoidance elderly red meat standards sensory decline adult middle aged irish beef age factors capability ireland humans consumer behavior aged 80 and over aged sensory evaluation adolescent food quality middle irish cattle animals shear force sensation texture

Sensory capability of young, middle-aged and elderly Irish assessors to identify beef steaks of varying texture (2017)

Abstract This study assessed the capability of various Irish assessor age cohorts to identify beef steaks of varying texture. Varying steak textures Moderately Tough (MTH), Moderately Tender (MTR) and Tender (TR) were achieved by aging beef longissimus thoracis et lumborum (LTL) muscle for 2, 7 and 21 days respectively. Warner Bratzler Shear Force (WBSF) was measured to standardise the samples. Sensory evaluation was carried using 428 participants; 18–30 yrs. (years) (n = 143), 31–60 yrs. (n = 80), 61-75 yrs. (n = 99) and 76–85 yrs. old (n = 106). Within 6 age cohort categories (18–70), significant positive and negative correlations were observed for TR and MTH tenderness categories respectively. Poor identification of tenderness classification was found in the 71–85 age cohort groupings. Consequently more research is required in this area so that guidelines could be presented for industrial uptake. This study supports the hypothesis that changes in textural perception occur with age in humans.
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Joseph P. Kerry, Ruth M. Hamill, Maurice G. O'Sullivan, Paula M. Conroy

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