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André Brodkorb
James A. O'Mahony
Alan L Kelly
Mark A. E. Auty
Sophie J. Gaspard



protein aggregation heat treatment liquid chromatography whey proteins v v casein milk protein concentrate heat stability calcium chloride high protein milk ingredients isolation whey protein characterisation

Isolation and characterisation of κ-casein/whey protein particles from heated milk protein concentrate and role of κ-casein in whey protein aggregation (2017)

Abstract Milk protein concentrate (79% protein) reconstituted at 13.5% (w/v) protein was heated (90 °C, 25 min, pH 7.2) with or without added calcium chloride. After fractionation of the casein and whey protein aggregates by fast protein liquid chromatography, the heat stability (90 °C, up to 1 h) of the fractions (0.25%, w/v, protein) was assessed. The heat-induced aggregates were composed of whey protein and casein, in whey protein:casein ratios ranging from 1:0.5 to 1:9. The heat stability was positively correlated with the casein concentration in the samples. The samples containing the highest proportion of caseins were the most heat-stable, and close to 100% (w/w) of the aggregates were recovered post-heat treatment in the supernatant of such samples (centrifugation for 30 min at 10,000 × g). κ-Casein appeared to act as a chaperone controlling the aggregation of whey proteins, and this effect was stronger in the presence of αS- and β-casein.
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André Brodkorb, James A. O'Mahony, Alan L Kelly, Mark A. E. Auty, Sophie J. Gaspard

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