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Brijesh K. Tiwari
Joseph P. Kerry
Francisco J. Barba
Gaurav Rajuria
Daniel Granato
K. Shikha Ojha


Agriculture & Food Science

cattle principal component analysis organic acids animals drying color red meat lactobacillus colony count microbial ultrasound food handling amino acids beef jerky production lactobacillus sakei physicochemical properties

Application of chemometrics to assess the influence of ultrasound frequency, Lactobacillus sakei culture and drying on beef jerky manufacture: Impact on amino acid profile, organic acids, texture and colour (2017)

Abstract The effects of ultrasound (US) frequency, addition of Lactobacillus sakei culture and drying time on key nutritional (protein, amino acids, and organic acids) and physicochemical properties (texture and colour) of cultured and uncultured beef jerky were evaluated. Cultured and uncultured jerky samples were subjected to US frequencies of 25 kHz, 33 kHz and 45 kHz for 30 min prior to marination and drying. Principal component analysis demonstrated a significant effect of beef jerky processing conditions on physicochemical properties. Taurine content of jerky samples was found to increase with an increase in ultrasonic frequencies for cultured samples. No significant changes in colour values were observed for ultrasound pre-treated and control samples. Interactive effects of culture treatment, drying and ultrasonic frequency were observed. This study demonstrates that the nutritional profile of beef jerky can be improved through the incorporation of L. sakei.
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Brijesh K. Tiwari, Joseph P. Kerry, Francisco J. Barba, Gaurav Rajuria, Daniel Granato, K. Shikha Ojha

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