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Arnold DK Hill
Emily Boyle
Narouz Fady
Tomás McHugh
Seamus McHugh
Brendan O'Kelly



surgery medical students medical information dissemination general surgery medicine and health sciences surveys and questionnaires humans teaching rounds social media

Using Social Media to Increase Accessibility to Online Teaching Resources. (2015)

Abstract The key learning points of Surgical Grand Rounds (SGR) are often not accessible at times of exam revision for students. We sought to use Twitter as an online teaching repository. A SGR Twitter profile was created. 23 SGR presentations were made accessible on Twitter over a 3 month period. 93 students were invited to complete a questionnaire assessing usage of the repository. 84 (90%) in total responded, of these, 25 (80.6%) felt that the online provision of SGR through twitter was "useful". The majority (71%) felt that the online content was easily accessible. The novel use of social media is a useful adjunctive educational tool in accessing an online repository of SGR presentations.
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Arnold DK Hill, Emily Boyle, Narouz Fady, Tomás McHugh, Seamus McHugh, Brendan O'Kelly

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