Richard J. Fallon
Bernadette Earley
Dan J. Prendiville
Martina Finnerty



physiological effect welfare calf performance dairy calves physiological variables health production immunological variables transport

Effect of Transport and Mart Experience on Production, Health, Immune and Physiological Parametres of 2 to 4 Week Old Calves. (1999)

Abstract This study examined the effects of transporting dairy calves (less than four weeks ofage), on a journey of 170-mile-route to and from a mart in Spring 1996 and 1997,Calf performance, immunological and physiological variables were examined prior toand subsequent to transport.There was no effect of treatment on liveweight or intakes at any time throughout theexperiment.Interferon  production was reduced in all treatment groups on days 1, 2 and 5,compared to Day 0 in experiment 1, indicating that even the procedures imposed onthe control (C) calves had been sufficient to cause suppression of this component ofthe immune response.Calves in all treatment groups in Experiment 1, had increased (P<0.05) cortisolconcentrations at Day 0.5 (post-transport on Day 0) and experienced physiologicalchanges related to food restriction, e.g., increased (P<0.05) plasma non-esterifiedfatty acids (NEFA) on Day 0.5.Cortisol levels remained low on days 1, 2 and 5 after the journey and there was noobvious response in the levels of either plasma glucose or haematologicalparameters indicating that the calves did not show a stress response followingtransportation and/or mart experience.Transportation of 2 to 4 week old calves had no effect on plasma haptoglobin (acutephase response) levels indicating that the calves did not experience a stressresponse which would affect cell mediated immunity. The acute phase response isthe reaction of the animal to disturbances in its homeostasis caused by infection,tissue injury, stress or immunological disorders.The absence of significant stressful responses in young dairy calves followingtransportation and mart experience could be interpreted as indicating that transportdid not pose significant welfare problems.
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Richard J. Fallon, Bernadette Earley, Dan J. Prendiville, Martina Finnerty

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