M.G. Keane
Padraig O'Kiely
Edward G. O'Riordan


Agriculture & Food Science

herbage yield ireland grass growth grazed pasture grazing management beef cattle nitrogen beef production

Efficient beef production from grazed pasture. (1998)

Abstract Documented data comparing both cutting and grazing grass growthrates in Ireland are minimal. Most protocols for measuring grassgrowth involve a cutting regime of either 3 or 4-week cycles. Theeffect of the grazing animal is absent in most situations. However,herbage production can readily be affected by the rate of fertilisernitrogen used and the frequency of grazing/cutting management6practices employed. The first two experiments reported here wereundertaken to assess grass growth under grazing and cuttingregimes and to determine the extent of differences which may arisefrom different harvesting procotols. The third experiment investigatedthe effect of nitrogen application rate and regrowth intervalon annual herbage production.Early grazing: The experiments reportedhere were conducted to examine the effects of early turnout tograss on beef cattle production and on sward productivity. Autumn pasture production: The present series of experiments investigated the effects ofautumn closing dates on herbage yield and quality as well as theireffects on sward productivity. The effects of short and long grazingrest intervals were evaluated in the context of autumn grassgrowth and their effects on subsequent spring growth.
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M.G. Keane, Padraig O'Kiely, Edward G. O'Riordan

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