Edward G. O'Riordan
Aidan P. Moloney
Padraig O'Kiely


Agriculture & Food Science

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Reducing The Cost of Beef Production by Increasing Silage Intake. (2002)

Abstract Grass silage must support the predictable, consistent and profitable production of qualityanimal produce within environmentally sustainable farming systems. This can be quite achallenge for a crop that is so strongly influenced by the prevailing variable weatherconditions, and the many interactions of the latter with farm management practices. Researchand scientific progress must therefore continue to provide improved technologies if grasssilage is to fulfil the above requirements.Yield, quality (including effects on intake, feed conversion efficiency, growth, meat quality,etc.), conservation losses, inputs and eligibility for EU financial supports determine the costof providing cattle with silage, and this can have a major impact on the cost of producingmilk or beef. Consequently, there has been an emphasis in the research reported here to addnew information to the existing framework of knowledge on these
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Edward G. O'Riordan, Aidan P. Moloney, Padraig O'Kiely

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