Michael G. Keane
Padraig French
Bernadette Earley
M.C. Hickey



parasitic burden parasite control programmes suckler cows beef cattle animal management beef production animals

Evaluation of Parasite Control Programmes in Beef Cattle (2002)

Abstract The objective of this project was to examine the effect ofmethods of animal management in a dairy calf to beef (Study 1) anda suckler beef (Study 2) production system on parasitic burdens ofcalves and accompanying animals. Parasitic burdens were defined byquantifying faecal egg counts and plasma pepsinogen levels (concentrationsgreater than 1U/l are an indicator of a possible heavy parasiticburden).In the first study three different grazing systems for dairy calvesand steers, were investigated. The leader follower system (L-F1) wasdescribed by calves grazing ahead of steers; the separate (S) systemwas described by calves and steers grazing separate areas and thirdlythe combined (T) system where both calves and steers grazedtogether. In the second study, two different grazing systems forsuckler cows and calves, and yearling animals were examined. Theleader follower (L-F2) system was described by yearlings grazing ahead of suckler cows with calves at foot or a conventional (C)system where the cows and calves grazed areas separate to theyearlings.
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Michael G. Keane, Padraig French, Bernadette Earley, M.C. Hickey

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