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Weaning Mart Survey (2001)

Abstract The weanling survey was carried out for the period January1998 to December 1999.* There were 123,259 weanling surveyed.* The distance travelled to the mart ranged from 1.4 to 216 km.* All weanlings travelled < 4 h to the mart.* The majority of weanlings travelled < 50 km to and from themart.* The distance travelled from the mart ranged from 2.1 to 364km.* Only 32 weanlings travelled > 500 km on the combined journeys to and from the mart.* The longest distance travelled on the combined journey to andfrom the mart was 579 km.* The number of weanlings that remained within the county wherethe marts were located ranged from 23.5% to 99.5%.* No animals travelled for > 8 h.* There are no welfare issues involved in the selling of weanlingsthrough Irish marts.
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