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Derek Flood
Ruth McKeever
Valentine Casey
Fergal McCaffery
Peter Rust


Computer Science

iso personnel management computer software implementation online questionnaire medical devices risk management medical device standards

A roadmap to ISO 14971 implementation (2015)

Abstract Medical device standards outline the requirements for developing medical devices. These standards, however, do not outline how these requirements should be implemented causing difficulties for organisations entering the medical device domain. The goal of this study is to validate a roadmap for the implementation of the ISO 14971 standard. The validation examined the arrangement of the milestones within the roadmap and grouping of the goals into milestones. Five experienced risk management personnel in the medical device domain were asked to complete an online questionnaire examining their opinion on the structure and content of the roadmap. Overall participants found the roadmap, in general, to be well structured and well organised and made some recommendations for improving the roadmap through merging of specific goals and rearrangement of the milestones within the roadmap.
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Derek Flood, Ruth McKeever, Valentine Casey, Fergal McCaffery, Peter Rust

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