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Paul Clarke
Rory V. O'Connor
Murat Yilmaz



productivity factors of software development socio technical aspects of software development empirical study structure equation modeling social software factor analysis focus groups social development

Effective social productivity measurements during software development: an empirical study (2016)

Abstract Much of contemporary scienti c discussion regarding factors that in uence software de- velopment productivity is undertaken in various domains where there is an insu cient empirical basis for exploring socio-technical factors of productivity that are speci c to a software development organization. The purpose of the study is to characterize the mul- tidimensional nature of software development productivity and its social aspects as a set of latent constructs (i.e. variables that are not directly observed) for a medium-sized software company. To this end, we designed an exploratory in-depth eld study based on the hypothesized productivity constructs, which were modeled by a set of factors identi ed from literature reviews, and later re ned by industrial focus groups. In or- der to demonstrate the applicability of our approach, we conducted con rmatory factor analysis with the data attained from a questionnaire with 216 participants. To investigate factors of in uence further, we analyzed the impact of selected team- based variables over the latent constructs of productivity. Taken together, our ndings con rm that such an approach can be used to explore the quanti able in uence of socio- technical factors that would a ect productivity of a particular software development organization. Ultimately, the resulting model provides guidance to explore the compara- tive importance of a set of rm-speci c factors that may help to improve the productivity of the organization.
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Paul Clarke, Rory V. O'Connor, Murat Yilmaz

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