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Characterising schizophrenia candidate susceptibility genes using intermediate phenotypes (2008)

Abstract This thesis describes the use of intermediate phenotypes as a method for understanding, at a behavioural level, the functional significance of candidate susceptibility genes for schizophrenia. The historical context for this work (begun in 2003) was the reports from across a number of samples of statistical association between candidate genes and schizophrenia, including the Dysbindin gene, Neuregulin, G72 (now called DAOA), RGS4, and DISC-1. These findings, many of whom were also identified in the sample on which the current thesis is based, were hailed as a major breakthrough in schizophrenia genetics as reflected in many of the reviews of the area published in 2003-2004. At the same time, the fact that these genes were identified using positional cloning strategies, and often in the absence of any great understanding of the biological function of these genes, made elucidating the mechanisms by which disease risk was being increased a priority of the field.
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