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The Librarian and the Media Producer: Creating an Audio-Archive based on a Unique Collection (2015)

Abstract The Ken Saro-Wiwa Audio Archive is one example of how libraries can develop and extend the understanding of Special Collections, in this case a collection of death-row letters. Librarians need to give more thought to how to add value and understanding to Special Collections, and audio archives provide one possible route. There were extensive learning for both of the authors in the process; for the librarian, it was a journey of discovery into the world of sound; for the media producer, it was a journey through the sometimes complex area of Special Collections and Archives. Through collaborations, such as the one described below, libraries can maximise the visibility and use of their archives and special collections. Increasing visibility of such resources may help to acquire funding for new special collections, and may also encourage people to donate collections knowing that the library is open to exploring avenues to widely promote such collections.
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