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Charles Markham
John McDonald
Ciaran O'Rourke
S.D. McLoughlin



feature three dimensional gps recording world stereo vision vision system data integration

Integration of a Stereo Vision System and GPS Data for Recording the Position of Feature Points in a Fixed World Coordinate System (2003)

Abstract This paper describes a laboratory system for recovering the global coordinates of feature points obtained from a moving camera. The prototype includes a stereo vision system combined with an overhead camera, which mimics a GPS receiver. The stereo vision system provides three dimensional feature point coordinates relative to the position of the cameras and the overhead camera provides three-dimensional coordinates of the camera in a “global” coordinate system. The fusion of these data provides three-dimensional feature point coordinates in a fixed origin global coordinate system.
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Charles Markham, John McDonald, Ciaran O'Rourke, S.D. McLoughlin

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