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Brian Caulfield
Eamonn Delahunt
Tomás Ward
Martin O'Reilly


Physiotherapy & Sport

body mass performance measurement lumbar spine classification inertial measurement exercise sensor data personal sensing

Evaluating Performance of the Single Leg Squat Exercise with a Single Inertial Measurement Unit (2015)

Abstract The single leg squat (SLS) is an important component of lower limb rehabilitation and injury risk screening tools. This study sought to investigate whether a single lumbar-worn IMU is capable of discriminating between correct and incorrect performance of the SLS. Nineteen healthy volunteers (15 males, 4 females, age: 26.09± 3.98 years, height: 1.75± 0.14m, body mass: 75.2±14.2kg) were fitted with a single IMU on the lumbar spine and asked to perform 10 left leg SLS. These repetitions were recorded and labelled by a chartered physiotherapist. Features were extracted from the labelled sensor data. These features were used to train and evaluate a random-forests classifier. The system achieved an average of 92% accuracy, 78% sensitivity and 97% specificity. These results indicate that a single IMU has the potential to differentiate between a correctly and incorrectly completed SLS. This may allow such devices to be used by clinicians to help track rehabilitation of patients and screen for potential injury risks. Furthermore, the classifier described may be a useful input to an exercise biofeedback application.
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Brian Caulfield, Eamonn Delahunt, Tomás Ward, Martin O'Reilly

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