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Brian Caulfield
Niamh Caprani
Brenda Reginatto
Darragh Whelan
Matthew Patterson


Computer Science

environment patterns walking personal sensing community algorithms gait analyisis inertial systems

Does external walking environment affect gait patterns? (2014)

Abstract The objective of this work is to develop an understanding of the relationship between mobility metrics obtained outside of the clinic or laboratory and the context of the external environment. Ten subjects walked with an inertial sensor on each shank and a wearable camera around their neck. They were taken on a thirty minute walk in which they mobilized over the following conditions; normal path, busy hallway, rough ground, blind folded and on a hill. Stride time, stride time variability, stance time and peak shank rotation rate during swing were calculated using previously published algorithms. Stride time was significantly different between several of the conditions. Technological advances mean that gait variables can now be captured as patients go about their daily lives. The results of this study show that the external environment has a significant impact on the quality of gait metrics. Thus, context of external walking environment is an important consideration when analyzing ambulatory gait metrics from the unsupervised home and community setting.
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Brian Caulfield, Niamh Caprani, Brenda Reginatto, Darragh Whelan, Matthew Patterson

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