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Qiang wu
Wei Han
Arun Mallik
Dejun Liu



sensitivity electromagnetics and photonics optical fiber networks optical fiber sensors engineering electrical and electronics optical fibers silicon compounds coatings

Sol-Gel Silica Coated Optical Fiber Sensor for Ammonia Gas Detection (2016)

Abstract A high sensitivity ammonia gas sensor based on a tapered small core single-mode fiber (SCSMF) structure for measurement of ammonia gas concentration is reported. The proposed tapered SCSMF fiber structure has a waist diameter of 13.5 μm and it is fabricated using a customized microheater brushing technique. The silica based material prepared by sol-gel method is used as a coating applied to the surface of tapered fiber structures. Experimental results show that sensor is very sensitive to ammonia. The best measurement resolution of the ammonia concentration is estimated to be 16 ppb for gas concentrations of 0.5 ppm to 2.5 ppm while the response and recovery times are less than 5 and 10 minutes respectively.
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Qiang wu, Wei Han, Arun Mallik, Dejun Liu

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