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P Kenny
P Keogh
S C O'Neill
M Curtin



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A cost analysis of the establishment of a dedicated orthopaedic outpatient injection clinic at a single institution. (2016)

Abstract Traditionally orthopaedic injections were performed in a theatre setting. A dedicated outpatient injection clinic was established at our institution to attempt to provide injections more cost effectively. Our aim was to perform a cost analysis of orthopaedic injections performed in theatre, compared to those performed in a dedicated OPD injection clinic. Patient data for all orthopaedic injections performed at a single institution from 2013 to 2014 was obtained using HIPE data. A detailed breakdown of costings for two scenarios; those performed in theatre and those in the dedicated OPD injection clinic was obtained from the hospital finance department. A unit cost per injection for theatre and OPD was derived from this financial information. A total of 487 injections were performed in 2013, with 491 performed in 2014. 134 (27.5%) injections were performed in the OPD in 2013 compared to 388 (79%) in 2014. The unit cost per injection was calculated as €52.13 for theatre and €23.85 for OPD, this represented a 115% decrease in cost per injection. The creation of a dedicated orthopaedic injection clinic resulted in considerable cost savings at our institution. We propose this may be a more cost-efficient model for delivery of injections in the orthopaedic setting.
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P Kenny, P Keogh, S C O'Neill, M Curtin

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