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B A Lawlor
C McGuigan
N Sheehy
M J Rowan
S S O'Sullvan
C O'Neill
S O'Dwyer
A Lynch
R P Killeen
R A Kenny
and 8 others



cerebrospinal fluid working group clinical utility p tau health care neuroscience health professionals alzheimer s disease clinical research alzheimer s disease ad diagnosis differential

Clinical Consensus Guidelines on the Application of Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis: Recommendations of the Irish Network for Biomarkers in Neurodegeneration. (2016)

Abstract It is accepted that a lumbar puncture (LP) and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) biomarker analysis support the routine diagnostic work-up for the differential diagnosis of dementia due to Alzheimer's disease (AD) within certain patient cohorts1. These tests, which measure CSF protein concentrations of amyloid-β42 (Aβ42), total tau (t-tau) and phospho tau (p-tau), were recently validated, accredited and made available clinically for the first time in Ireland. A working group, comprising Irish clinical and scientific researchers, met to review a) the validation results; b) international consensus opinions, and c) research and clinical evidence as to the clinical utility of CSF biomarker analysis for AD dementia diagnosis. The outcome of this meeting was the formulation of a consensus statement paper for the benefit of health care professionals involved in the diagnosis and management of dementia to ensure appropriate use of these biomarker tests in clinical settings in Ireland.
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B A Lawlor, C McGuigan, N Sheehy, M J Rowan, S S O'Sullvan, C O'Neill, S O'Dwyer, A Lynch, R P Killeen, R A Kenny and 8 others

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