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D Morris
N Rowan
M Prendergast
P Dockery
M Cormican
A Fogarty
L Morrison
S Kavanagh
I Murray
E McGillicuddy



aquatic organisms environmental impact environment this review silver nanoparticles detection consumer products environmental exposure

Silver nanoparticles in the environment: Sources, detection and ecotoxicology. (2016)

Abstract The environmental impact of silver nanoparticles (AgNP) has become a topic of interest recently, this is due to the fact that AgNPs have been included in numerous consumer products including textiles, medical products, domestic appliances, food containers, cosmetics, paints and nano-functionalised plastics. The production, use and disposal of these AgNP containing products are potential routes for environmental exposure. These concerns have led to a number of studies investigating the release of particles from nano-functionalised products, the detection of the particles in the aquatic environment and the potential environmental toxicology of these AgNPs to aquatic organisms. The overall aim of this review is to examine methods for the capture and detection of AgNPs, potential toxicity and transmission routes in the aquatic environment.
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D Morris, N Rowan, M Prendergast, P Dockery, M Cormican, A Fogarty, L Morrison, S Kavanagh, I Murray, E McGillicuddy

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