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Brian A Lawlor
Emer Shelley
Ronan W Glynn



social experience social class public awareness logistic regression census data irish population behaviour change protective factors

Public knowledge and understanding of dementia-evidence from a national survey in Ireland. (2016)

Abstract there is growing consensus around the importance of population level approaches which seek to improve public knowledge and awareness of dementia. to assess knowledge of the relationship between dementia and ageing, and of the risk and protective factors associated with it, among the general public in Ireland. cross-sectional survey. Participants selected using quota sampling based on Census data. the final sample of 1,217 respondents provided estimates of dementia knowledge in the Irish population. Logistic regression was used to assess the impact of potential predictor variables on knowledge of dementia. a majority (52%) reported that they knew someone living with dementia. Just 39% were confident that they could tell the difference between the early signs of dementia and normal ageing. Less than half (46%) believed that there were things they could do to reduce their risk of developing dementia, and knowledge of risk and protective factors for dementia was very poor. Although significant differences were seen according to area of residence, social class and experience of dementia, even those groups with 'better' understanding demonstrated substantial knowledge deficits regarding risk and protective factors. the general public in Ireland are confused about the relationship between dementia and ageing, and knowledge of risk and protective factors for dementia is very poor. While not dissimilar to those reported internationally, the findings present a challenge to those tasked with promoting behaviour change and interventions to delay or prevent the onset of dementia.
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Brian A Lawlor, Emer Shelley, Ronan W Glynn

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