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Caroline A Jefferies
Michael Weisman
Daniel Wallace
Swamy Venuturupalli
Mariko Ishimori
Lindsy Forbess
Grainne Kearns
Raymond L Stallings
Eamonn Molloy
Phil Gallagher
and 10 others



ifn gene expression disease activity mice inflammation gene targets microrna expression lupus erythematosus systemic

MicroRNA-302d targets IRF9 to regulate the IFN-induced gene expression in SLE. (2017)

Abstract Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a complex disease targeting multiple organs as a result of overactivation of the type I interferon (IFN) system, a feature currently being targeted by multiple biologic therapies against IFN-α. We have identified an estrogen-regulated microRNA, miR-302d, whose expression is decreased in SLE patient monocytes and identify its target as interferon regulatory factor (IRF)-9, a critical component of the transcriptional complex that regulates expression of interferon-stimulated genes (ISGs). In keeping with the reduced expression of miR-302d in SLE patient monocytes, IRF9 levels were increased, as was expression of a number of ISGs including MX1 and OAS1. In vivo evaluation revealed that miR-302d protects against pristane-induced inflammation in mice by targeting IRF9 and hence ISG expression. Importantly, patients with enhanced disease activity have markedly reduced expression of miR-302d and enhanced IRF9 and ISG expression, with miR-302d negatively correlating with IFN score. Together these findings identify miR-302d as a key regulator of type I IFN driven gene expression via its ability to target IRF9 and regulate ISG expression, underscoring the importance of non-coding RNA in regulating the IFN pathway in SLE.
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Caroline A Jefferies, Michael Weisman, Daniel Wallace, Swamy Venuturupalli, Mariko Ishimori, Lindsy Forbess, Grainne Kearns, Raymond L Stallings, Eamonn Molloy, Phil Gallagher and 10 others

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