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Hilary Humphreys
Cedric Gunaratnam
Anna-Rose Prior



species therapy ralstonia bacteria cystic fibrosis children this review antimicrobial resistance

Ralstonia species - do these bacteria matter in cystic fibrosis? (2016)

Abstract Ralstonia species, often regarded as an environmental organism of low pathogenicity, can cause significant disease in certain at-risk patient groups, including those with cystic fibrosis. Difficulties with its identification in the clinical laboratory mean that it may be misidentified and therefore under recognised as a cause of disease. A number of outbreaks have been associated with the use of devices for inhaled respiratory therapy, putting those with chronic respiratory conditions at risk. Antimicrobial treatment of infection is challenging and limited due to frequent antimicrobial resistance. This review highlights issues regarding the identification, treatment and prevention of infection due to Ralstonia spp. in children with cystic fibrosis.
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Hilary Humphreys, Cedric Gunaratnam, Anna-Rose Prior

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