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Sinéad N McCarthy
Joseph P Kerry
Ruth M Hamill
Sephora Baugreet


Medicine & Nursing

osteoporosis nutritional status sarcopenia micronutrients malnutrition blood energy intake food preferences choice behavior aged quality of life cognition disorders nutritional requirements diet therapy dietary carbohydrates humans dietary fats food technology dietary proteins etiology administration dosage complications

Mitigating Nutrition and Health Deficiencies in Older Adults: A Role for Food Innovation? (2016)

Abstract The aim of this review is to describe the factors contributing to diminished food intake, resulting in nutritional deficiencies and associated health conditions in older adults and proposes food innovation strategies to mitigate these. Research has provided convincing evidence of a link between healthy eating patterns and healthy aging. There is a need to target new food product development (NPD) with functional health benefits specifically designed to address the particular food-related needs of older consumers. When developing foods for older adults, consideration should be given to the increased requirements for specific macro- and micronutrients, especially protein, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B. Changes in chemosensory acuity, chewing difficulties, and reduced or poor swallowing ability should also be considered. To compensate for the diminished appetite and reduced intake, foods should be energy dense, nutritionally adequate, and, most importantly, palatable, when targeting this cohort. This paper describes the potential of new food product development to facilitate dietary modification and address health deficiencies in older adults.
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Sinéad N McCarthy, Joseph P Kerry, Ruth M Hamill, Sephora Baugreet

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