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Jonathan N Coleman
Georg S Duesberg
Laurens D A Siebbeles
Sachin Kinge
Aditya Kulkarni
Jannika Lauth
Valeria Nicolosi
João Coelho
Ian Godwin
Amir Sajad Esmaeily
and 4 others



exfoliated nanosheets ionic liquid boron nitride electrolytic gating two dimensional transition metal thin film networks

All-printed thin-film transistors from networks of liquid-exfoliated nanosheets. (2016)

Abstract All-printed transistors consisting of interconnected networks of various types of two-dimensional nanosheets are an important goal in nanoscience. Using electrolytic gating, we demonstrate all-printed, vertically stacked transistors with graphene source, drain, and gate electrodes, a transition metal dichalcogenide channel, and a boron nitride (BN) separator, all formed from nanosheet networks. The BN network contains an ionic liquid within its porous interior that allows electrolytic gating in a solid-like structure. Nanosheet network channels display on:off ratios of up to 600, transconductances exceeding 5 millisiemens, and mobilities of >0.1 square centimeters per volt per second. Unusually, the on-currents scaled with network thickness and volumetric capacitance. In contrast to other devices with comparable mobility, large capacitances, while hindering switching speeds, allow these devices to carry higher currents at relatively low drive voltages.
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Jonathan N Coleman, Georg S Duesberg, Laurens D A Siebbeles, Sachin Kinge, Aditya Kulkarni, Jannika Lauth, Valeria Nicolosi, João Coelho, Ian Godwin, Amir Sajad Esmaeily and 4 others

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