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Karl Mandel
Alain Celzard
Vanessa Fierro
Valeria Nicolosi
Aleksey Shmeliov
Angela Sanchez-Sanchez
Tim Granath



surface emulsions materials structures experimental formation iron oxide nanoparticles nanoparticles

Hollow Superparamagnetic Microballoons from Lifelike, Self-Directed Pickering Emulsions Based on Patchy Nanoparticles. (2016)

Abstract Herein, the formation of hollow microballoons derived from superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles with silica patches is reported. Depending on the experimental conditions, single- or multishelled superparamagnetic microballoons as well as multivesicular structures were obtained. We show how such structural changes follow a lifelike process that is based on self-directing Pickering emulsions. We further demonstrate that the key toward the formation of such complex architectures is the patchy nature of the nanoparticles. Interestingly, no well-defined ordering of patches on the particles surface is required, unlike what theorists formerly predicted. The resultant hollow microballoons may be turned into hollow carbonaceous magnetic microspheres by simple pyrolysis. This opens the way to additional potential applications for such ultralightweight (density: 0.16 g·cm(-3)) materials.
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Karl Mandel, Alain Celzard, Vanessa Fierro, Valeria Nicolosi, Aleksey Shmeliov, Angela Sanchez-Sanchez, Tim Granath

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