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M Higgins
M Hatunic
M Coffey
S Curran
H Alayoub



gestational diabetes mellitus group intervention diabetes gestational pregnant women family history multidisciplinary education education assessment diet and lifestyle

Assessment of the effectiveness of group education on knowledge for women with newly diagnosed gestational diabetes. (2017)

Abstract Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is identified in pregnancy and resolves following delivery. It increases maternal and foetal morbidity and may increase risk of future type 2 diabetes. Women diagnosed with GDM need high-quality multidisciplinary education in order to apply necessary changes to their diet and lifestyle. There is a paucity of information on the effectiveness of group education for women with GDM. The aim of this study was to assess the effect of a multidisciplinary group intervention delivered by a specialist midwife and dietitian on women's knowledge of GDM. All women with a diagnosis of GDM were invited to attend a multidisciplinary group educational session on lifestyle and GDM management. Participants were invited to complete a questionnaire before and after the educational intervention; only individuals who completed both questionnaires were included. The questionnaire reviewed knowledge of suitable diet, implications of GDM diagnosis and management of GDM. A total of 716 women completed both questionnaires; mean age of the participants was 34 years. Just under half of women (46.9%, n = 333) were primiparous. The majority of the women (62.5%, n = 439) were Irish; 53.4% (n = 382) had a family history of diabetes. There was a significant increase in median score for knowledge following the educational intervention (pre-intervention score 8 (-2-12); post-intervention score 12 (1-12); p < 0.001). This study demonstrates the benefit of a multidisciplinary group educational session delivered by a specialized midwife and a dietitian on pregnant women's knowledge and understanding of GDM.
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M Higgins, M Hatunic, M Coffey, S Curran, H Alayoub

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