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Simon P Kelly
Michael P Milham
Lucas C Parra
Enitan T Marcelle
Samantha Cohen
Agustin Petroni
Simon Henin
Renee K Jozanovic
Helen Y Xu
Lindsay M Alexander
and 2 others


Computer Science

network brain resource brain development eye tracking eeg approaches information processing

A resource for assessing information processing in the developing brain using EEG and eye tracking. (2016)

Abstract We present a dataset combining electrophysiology and eye tracking intended as a resource for the investigation of information processing in the developing brain. The dataset includes high-density task-based and task-free EEG, eye tracking, and cognitive and behavioral data collected from 126 individuals (ages: 6-44). The task battery spans both the simple/complex and passive/active dimensions to cover a range of approaches prevalent in modern cognitive neuroscience. The active task paradigms facilitate principled deconstruction of core components of task performance in the developing brain, whereas the passive paradigms permit the examination of intrinsic functional network activity during varying amounts of external stimulation. Alongside these neurophysiological data, we include an abbreviated cognitive test battery and questionnaire-based measures of psychiatric functioning. We hope that this dataset will lead to the development of novel assays of neural processes fundamental to information processing, which can be used to index healthy brain development as well as detect pathologic processes.
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Simon P Kelly, Michael P Milham, Lucas C Parra, Enitan T Marcelle, Samantha Cohen, Agustin Petroni, Simon Henin, Renee K Jozanovic, Helen Y Xu, Lindsay M Alexander and 2 others

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