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Luis A Moreno
Manuel J Castillo
Ángel Gutierrez
Stefaan de Henauw
Anthony Kafatos
Michael Sjöström
Maria Hagströmer
Jeremy Vanhelst
Angela Polito
Kurt Widhalm
and 8 others


Physiotherapy & Sport

amino acid amino acids upper limbs socioeconomic status adolescents physical fitness intake physical activity

Amino acids intake and physical fitness among adolescents. (2016)

Abstract The aim was to investigate whether there was an association between amino acid (AA) intake and physical fitness and if so, to assess whether this association was independent of carbohydrates intake. European adolescents (n = 1481, 12.5-17.5 years) were measured. Intake was assessed via two non-consecutive 24-h dietary recalls. Lower and upper limbs muscular fitness was assessed by standing long jump and handgrip strength tests, respectively. Cardiorespiratory fitness was assessed by the 20-m shuttle run test. Physical activity was objectively measured. Socioeconomic status was obtained via questionnaires. Lower limbs muscular fitness seems to be positively associated with tryptophan, histidine and methionine intake in boys, regardless of centre, age, socioeconomic status, physical activity and total energy intake (model 1). However, these associations disappeared once carbohydrates intake was controlled for (model 2). In girls, only proline intake seems to be positively associated with lower limbs muscular fitness (model 2) while cardiorespiratory fitness seems to be positively associated with leucine (model 1) and proline intake (models 1 and 2). None of the observed significant associations remained significant once multiple testing was controlled for. In conclusion, we failed to detect any associations between any of the evaluated AAs and physical fitness after taking into account the effect of multiple testing.
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Luis A Moreno, Manuel J Castillo, Ángel Gutierrez, Stefaan de Henauw, Anthony Kafatos, Michael Sjöström, Maria Hagströmer, Jeremy Vanhelst, Angela Polito, Kurt Widhalm and 8 others

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Stefaan de Henauw
University College Dublin
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